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Since 1970, the Gold Coast has helped more than 1 million students acquire and renew their Florida driver's licenses through hands-on and online courses. IFREC and Gold Coast Schools have joined forces to provide a single, simple - applicable, convenient, and cost-effective way to obtain or renew your license.

Train yourself to be an expert on the Assurance platform and get paid for it - Gold Coast online training includes hands-on exercises - in training, online courses and government exam preparation tests. Here you will find a link to all our courses and we also provide you with state examinations, pre- and post-examination free of charge. IFREC and Gold Coast Schools have teamed up to offer Florida's best real-time driving licenses and license renewals online from September 25, 2020. Courses include a wide range of practical and online skills, as well as state and national exams and exam preparation.

From Nov. 2019, you can get a link to all Gold Coast courses and we will also provide you with free state exam preparation tests.

Industry - experienced instructors dedicated to your success and who will guide you through the course. Training: Conquer the courses and continue to train with the Gold Coast Continuing Education Association (GCEA) and Florida State University (FSU). Industry - experienced instructors who guide you through your course and dedicate themselves to your success.

As an added bonus, our Florida real estate school teachers are available to help you with any questions you may have during the holidays, including Christmas, New Year and other special events such as weddings.

If you have any questions about our online system or have difficulties using it, please contact us if you need to apply using another method. If you would like to send us an email about any work - related email, let us know by clicking here.

If you do not find what you really need, please contact us to get involved as soon as possible. All bookings must be "Reservations received" with directions and rating information and are subject to the same verification process as any other booking.

See for yourself or see the full list of jobs at the TAMARAC Florida Job Center in the Tampa Bay area. See and see, see and have seen, and see more information about job openings in Tampa, Florida and other parts of the state.

Real Estate is located in the Tampa Bay area, north of downtown Tampa and south of Interstate 95. The BBB documents show that license number ZH1000854 for the business was issued by the Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation. Move by car to the TAMARAC Florida Job Center in Tampa, Florida and other parts of the state.

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Lauderdale, you can slowly move to a remote job and sell insurance from the comfort of your home. We are starting the process of becoming a platform where buyers from abroad can access and qualify for life insurance. This is a full-time job with an annual salary of $35,000 to $46,500 a year, plus benefits.

Get your hands on training and development to prepare you for a successful career in sales. Maintain and promote partnerships with the K12 school districts and work in the community.

Gold Coast Schools is one of Florida's premier real estate schools offering English and Spanish real estate courses as tested by the Florida Board of Education and Florida Real Estate Board. The school offers 33 qualifications, with the most frequently reviewed qualifications being Florida Business School, Florida State College of Business and Miami-Dade College. Improve your understanding of mortgages and other essential real estate by learning the basics of real estate. Online courses are easy to understand and provide the material needed to pass the course. Florida offers a wide range of courses, from business to financial planning, business administration, finance, insurance and more.

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